The Educators' Guide to Financial Wellness
and Retirement Planning

A group online training, brought to you by the 
CTA Member Benefits and CTA Retirement Savings Plan team


Book a one-hour online training for your chapter

Who Is This Group Online Training For?

This training is for all CTA members. It provides helpful financial wellness and retirement planning information. 

  • It includes time for Q&A and a demonstration of the enrollment process for the CTA 403(b).
  • Chapters can book a training session between late January and May. 
  • Sessions are available Monday thru Friday. 

Here is just a sample of some of the information covered in the training:

  • How to plan for the retirement of your dreams
  • What to expect from your CalSTRS pension
  • Developing a framework for your financial life
  • How to select a great 403(b) to supplement your pension
  • How much to save in your 403(b)
  • Information about your Union-endorsed CTA 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan

How To Book a Training For Your Chapter

  1. Chapter leaders - pick a date and time that works best for your chapter from the availability calendar on this page. If you want to book an evening or weekend session, please contact us at [email protected].
    CTA members - talk to your chapter leaders to book a group online training for your chapter.

  2. Once we confirm the event date and time, we will send a Zoom meeting link to the chapter leader which will distributed to the chapter members. 
    We will also provide a sample event flyer that chapter leaders can edit as needed and distribute to members.

  3. Once the meeting is over, we will provide a copy of the slides as well as the event recording.  The chapter can make the slides and the recording available to members who were unable to attend.

What CTA Members Told Us About Previous Training Sessions

“Thank you, you all were lovely and it's so nice to finally have relevant, actually helpful retirement financial information.” 

Josephine Trinh
Franklin Mckinley Education Association

“I have learned so much,
thank you!” 

Juanne Van Der Linde
Shasta College Faculty Association

“This was all SO informative!
Thank you for this!”

Association De Maestros Unidos

“Thank you so much, this was so clear and informative and helpful!!”

Mara Ryan 
Associated Chino Teachers

“Thank you! that was great.” 

Hayley Duralia,
Redlands Teachers Association

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation.” 

Elk Grove Education Association